Ayia Napa - the night life of Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island which lies between Greece and Turkey. The country has about 800 thousand inhabitants, and is a tourist magnet of the rare. Travel companies entice with phrases like "Here you can enjoy sunny days in peaceful surroundings" and "Beautiful beaches with crystal blue sea as far as you can see" to travel south horny tourists. And among these beautiful surroundings you can find a party paradise of the ordinary. Here's the naked truth about the party destination Ayia Napa.

Popular nightlife
Beach Party on one of Ayia Napa's many beaches

Woman at Ayia Napa party

Thousands of Norwegians, Swedes and Danes travel to holiday destinations where you find cheap beer, youthful spirit and the world's wildest nightlife. Ayia Napa in Cyprus is often seen as the big winner among youth holiday destination during the summer months. Tabloid newspapers write annual page up and page down on drunkenness, casual sex and wild parties with diving full youth - often with very good reason.
You may have read these horror headlines that guarantee your naked bodies to strut around on the mooring would be where all participants have a liberal relative to their body and their own alcohol consumption?The truth is dangerously close. With hundreds of clubs and thousands of tourists each summer party is Ayia Napa, the closest we get to a party capital of southern Europe.
In the summer of 2008, turned up in large VG that a youth hotels in Ayia Napa had a pool that was called 'chlamydia-pool "- a statement that will be written into the history books with red ink. Chlamydia, the pool of Ayia Napa is a pool adjacent to the hotel Calypso - a hotel famous for hosting several parties and sick after party.
Dozens of hotels with a youthful atmosphere, crystal blue water, cheap alcohol and tens of thousands of party do older children are some of the factors you may experience in Cyprus. Star Tour and other travel companies find that Ayia Napa is the destination that is first sold out every year, despite a large amount of flights and hotels. Here it pays in other words, to be instantly out of order sommertur to Ayia Napa!
Some general information about Ayia Napa, and its facilities:
It is expensive in Ayia Napa. Everything from food and drink for activities such as ballooning and "bungee-jump" costs a lot of money. Remember to bring enough money if you are on a two-week holiday to Ayia Napa. Cocktails on the town is much more expensive than those you can make your hotel room itself. It is economically correct to drink a lot before heading out on the town - despite the fact that there are lots of deals out there among the many night clubs. "Buy one shot - get 3" is not a rarity in Ayia Napa bargate ...Nightlife
The nightlife of Ayia Napa is characterized by loud music and excessive alcohol intake
The bustling nightlife consists of a good spread of English, Swedes, Norwegians, and ... yes. Actually, people from all over Europe. But what strikes you as you stick out on the town of Ayia Napa is that the younger generation has a big hand in terms of night clubs hustle and bustle. You may feel a bit old if you go to Ayia Napa if you are in the mid-20s, which means that you might want to reconsider another party destination.
Night clubs in Ayia Napa have their own concept, and you'll find everything from "Titanic" to "Yabbadaba-doo" and "Grabb Arna Gravel" wall-to-wall bargaten. Ayia Napa's biggest nightclub called "Castle Club" and consists of four floors full of partying at 20 to the late night hours ...

Most hotels in Ayia Napa is suitable for young people who want to party, play loud music and trash their hotel room. Some hotels also have "Pool bar" that allows you to start Vors down by the pool around midday. Some hotels are indeed stricter than others, but by reading through the Star Tours website, you can easily weed out those not fit for you.
Many believe that Barbara Hotel is one of the best youth hotels in Ayia Napa, but there is great disagreement about the comments on the article: Hotel Barbara - one of Ayia Napa's best youth hotel.

Each hotel in Ayia Napa is adapted for each type of guests, but the center is exclusively built hotels that are ready to accept the party ready youngsters. It is only when you approach the outskirts of the city and in areas such as Fig Tree Bay, the family-friendly hotels popping up. Do not be afraid to book your hotel if you see that it is located right in town - then it's usually full party where the summer ...
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